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Buying and selling aircraft is a complex process that has only become more complicated throughout the years.

You need a broker who will not only take ownership of your transaction but guide it to a success outcome.

Our team of experts manages the process of buying or selling your aircraft inside and out, not letting any details, forms, legalities, or procedures fall through the cracks to derail or lengthen the process.

Starting with market research and in-depth aircraft evaluations to transaction support to post-purchase services, we have you covered every step of the way.

Finding the Right Aircraft for You

Our worldwide relationships with aircraft manufacturers, brokers, dealers, bankers, service providers, and operators, as well as our advanced database allow us to successfully bring buyers and sellers together in today’s global market

A Process to Seize Opportunities

Purchasing aircraft for our own inventory is an advantage few aviation companies are able to do, which provides us with a dynamic insight that can help you seize a great opportunity

Aircraft Evaluation


We work hand-in-hand with you to guide and consult on the purchase process. Our research and marketing teams work together to provide you with a market analysis and a complete technical comparison for each aircraft under consideration

Managing the Process

Once an aircraft has been identified that meets your needs or we find a buyer for your aircraft, we facilitate the agreement for the transaction. We are there for you from the negotiation phase to the aircraft inspection, to the closing and beyond

Post-Buy Services

Well after the ink has dried on the contact, we are still available to provide advice and answer your aviation ownership and operation questions. Every client is provided with a variety of technical services and assistance